Battleverse is mobile and easy to use, thanks to it we can appear wherever you want! We can create and configure games for all kinds of events, from corporate functions and team building initiatives to birthday parties for children and technology exhibitions. In each round, we can play up to 6 players. Players can change every round. Regardless of whether you want to cooperate when attacking orcs using magic fireballs, or to face the department of accounting or sales in a team battle, we will bring the game to you!


Stay on time!

Want to play Battleverse with your friends or family? Do you organize a birthday party or party in your company? You will not find anything better! We can come to your home, garden, company headquarters or just wherever you want! Battleverse can be offered in various configurations and we can adapt to the available space.


Special offer for event and marketing agencies.

Impress your client! Suggest something original and unique on the world scale. A modern attraction thanks to which children and adults fulfill their dreams and will remember it for a lifetime!


Be ahead of trends!

Are you the owner of an amusement park? Do you have a free space for development? Do you have a free place where you want to earn money? Do you just want to invest in Battleverse? Do not wait and learn more!

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